"Dr. Foster first treated me for uveitis over 30 years ago. He has pulled me from the brink of not being able to see so many times I can’t count them. He has always been there for me -always. He is a cornerstone of my medical team and without him, his incredible knowledge and skill, I would be without a lot or most of my vision. He has given me an amazing gift – my sight and I will be forever grateful by the fact that he is my Doctor."

- Chris J.

"Simply put... Dr. Anesi is the reason I can see my beautiful daughter every day. I come from a family with a very complicated genetic autoimmune disease, part of which is uveitis. Dr. Anesi not only fully comprehends the disease but also makes me feel at ease knowing I’m in the best of hands. He’s innovative in his approach to treatments & outstanding when he has performed surgery on my eyes. He is extremely thorough during my exams and always explains his findings in a way I can clearly comprehend and patiently answers all my questions. When I was pregnant he worked with me to develop a contingency plan for treatments should they be needed that would keep my baby & I safe. Boston is known for having some of the best medical care in the world. Dr. Anesi is one of the doctors that makes that statement true."

Raquel F.

"Dr. Chang is one of the most proficient eye doctors that I have met. He is patient, kind, accommodating and has an incredible bedside manner. I have been working with him for several years on a problematic eye condition and he assured me that he would get to the bottom of the problem, and he did. I recommend him to everyone that I speak with who has an eye problem and know that he will take great care with each individual I send his way. He is the top of the top when it comes to eye doctors and I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. Please go see him and you will begin to feel cared for and confident that you will see better!"

Laura F.

"Dr Lou is outstanding and thorough in every way - from the time he spends with you, his caring and compassionate manner and especially his expertise. Can't imagine finding a better Ophthalmologist anywhere."

Diana G.

"I've been Dr. Peter Chang's patient at MERSI in Waltham, MA for several years. I have never failed to be impressed by his professionalism and his willingness to address all my concerns. Dr. Chang has treated me for glaucoma, elevated IOP, blepharitis and, most recently, cataracts. Due to pre-existing problems with my eyes, the cataract surgery and recovery process were more complicated than usual. Dr. Chang was very confident that my vision would be great following the cataract surgeries. Because of his confidence, mine never wavered. Now, three months after the cataract surgery on my second eye, I am delighted with my vision and my overall eye health. I no longer need eyeglasses for long distance vision or for reading. I recommend Dr. Chang without reservation because of his breadth of knowledge, his skills and his relaxed, supportive and friendly interactions with patients. In my opinion, Dr. Peter Chang is one of the best of the best doctors in the ophthalmological community."

- Anonymous

"Dr. Anesi is a smart, caring doctor who always goes the extra mile for his patients. Available by email and phone... no question ever goes unanswered. The facilities at MERSI are amazing. All specialty tests and labs are available on site and usually done as part of your appointment. There are also opportunities to participate in support groups as well as clinical trials."


"Dr. Lou was quick to diagnose my torn retina and proceeded to perform a successful procedure to repair the damage. Never had any problems after the repair. He is friendly, personable & easy to talk with."

Therese M. L.

"Dr. Foster is the reason why I’m a physician myself today. I had a rare disorder with an atypical presentation and had seen multiple other ophthalmologists prior to Dr. Foster at world renown medical centers who could not diagnose me. Dr. Foster listened and looked beyond the unusual features of my presentation and because of that, was able to successfully diagnose me. Today I have my health and a bright future. My life could have been so different if not for Dr. Foster. I am so grateful and cannot recommend him more highly to others."


"Dr. Anesi is professional, thorough, knowledgable, and down to earth. When I travel to my appointments, I get very nervous, but he reassures me that we will get this uveitis under control. I trust him and his knowledge and insight. Every time I come and leave I feel assured that I am in good hands and I am well taken care of. He is honest and kind and I know he cares about all his patients and his practice. I am so fortunate my eye doctor referred me here. They continue to take great care of me."

- Michaela

"I first met Dr Chang years ago when my optometrist referred me to him for an uveitis condition that needed to be cleared before my first cataract operation. I was impressed with him then and when recently I needed cataract surgery for my other eye and my local ophthalmologist couldn’t see me for an evaluation for many months, I turned to Dr Chang again. Within weeks he was able to fit me in for an evaluation and a little over a month later the operation. To say that I am pleased doesn’t begin to cover it. As others have noted he is not afraid of personal contact (in my case email), something I am not used to with other medical professionals. He provided clear information on lens options and is easy to talk to. I am not qualified to judge other than by my own personal experience but I believe he is very very good at his job, and the staff at the surgical center seemed to think so too. I can see again! If I had a third eye I wouldn’t hesitate to trust it’s care to Dr Chang. "

D. C. L.

"Dr Foster and his team, has always left me with direct, clear, concise diagnosis's each and every time, no matter if the results were positive or negative. Awesomely thorough, all of the long hours Dr Foster has dedicated throughout his career, has allowed me to see my young children grow over the last 5 years of their lives. He is truly talented, amazing and compassionate. Couldn’t be anymore grateful for the incredible care I’ve received. Thank you, Dr Foster and Team."

John B.

Dr. Anesi has been instrumental in helping me fight my Uveitis diagnosed in early 2014. Personable, professional, funny and reassuring are just some of the qualities he has demonstrated which have made an enormous positive difference in helping me understand and battle an often confusing seldom heard of affliction. I look forward to our visits as he has made them enjoyable under difficult circumstances and working with him and the stellar reputation of MERSI have given me hope for remission."

Christopher A. D.